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    11/03/15 Come and get a bargain! There will be a tabletop sale at the Institute on Saturday 21 March starting at 10am. We have a wide range of items for sale and the proceeds will help keep the Institute going. If you have any items to donate, please contact Tracey.  

Howard Lyons30/12/14 We are sorry to report the death of another trustee and friend of the Passmore Edwards Institute. Howard Lyons passed away unexpectedly at home on the 27th of December. He was 67.

Howard had many roles in the community including: town councillor, chair of Save Our Sands, vice chair of the Hayle Chamber of Commerce, member of the Hayle Harbour Advisory Committee, visiting professor at Sheffield Hallam University and chair of the Friends of St Michael's Hospital.

His many skills will be sorely missed - as will his friendship.

    03/09/14 The Institute is sorry to report the death of long-time trustee Tim Clarke. Tim was a good friend to the Institute and to the trustees and he will be sadly missed.  

The Trustees are sorry to announce the death of long-time trustee, Bill Glanville on the 28th of May 2013. His wife Josephine passed away a few days later.

Only recently, Bill had ended his 54-years of running the charity whist drive at the Institute.

He has been a good friend to the Passmore Edwards Institute and he will be greatly missed.

Denis Hollow, 1924-2012

Long-time friend of the Passmore Edwards Institute, Denis Hollow, passed away in November 2012. His wife Betty died a week before him. Denis was 88 years old.

Denis has served the Institute for over 60 years and was honoured by having one of our rooms named after him.

The trustees and his many friends will miss him greatly.

Congratulations to Bill
    Click on the image for a larger version.  
    Cornish artist Michael Smith has donated this beautiful 80cm x 60cm oil painting for our fund raising. Raffle tickets are available from Tracey at 07784 377576.  
Entrance Portico Tiling Completed

The mat well was not an original feature. The original Victorian tiles were hacked out and a metal frame installed. When the frame rusted, it swelled in size causing the tiles to lift and crack - and the door to jam.

The tiling has now been expertly restored by Harvey and Jefferson Mosaics of Penzance. We hope to do further tiling restoration work as funds permit.

Esme Jelbert
    We are sorry to announce that our building manager, booking manager, secretary, trustee and friend, Esme Jelbert, lost her battle with cancer on 27 February.
Her daughter Amanda will be helping with the bookings, but we all ask for your understanding during this difficult time. Click here for a short obituary.

For bookings call Amanda Jelbert on 07824 553940
or email: bookings@hayle-pei.org.uk
For unlocking and maintenance call John Cooper on 07561 045658
Or call John Bennett on 07876 152915 or 753184

Grand Reopening Event, 20 May 2011
    In this centenary year of John Passmore Edwards’s death, there have been events throughout the country acknowledging the legacy of wonderful buildings he bequeathed to the nation. In Hayle we are extremely fortunate to have the Passmore Edwards Institute on Hayle Terrace and a Grand Reopening was staged on the 20th May to thank all those who have been involved in the £130,000 of renovations which have taken place over the last four years. Among the 80 guests were representatives of donors and many local people who have given time or money.
Mayor John Bennett, who is also treasurer of the Institute, gave a speech of thanks and at the end, invited John Passmore Edwards to ‘reopen’ the Institute. Mr. Passmore Edwards, ably performed by Jeremy Joslin in full Victorian costume, recalled some of the words spoken during the original opening in 1896.
A cake with the image of Passmore Edwards in chocolate finished off the event and guests milled around the building looking at the exhibitions, the new lantern and the renovated rooms.

Seen here (L-R), John Passmore Edwards (Jeremy Joslin) and the Institute Trustees: Terry Pinnington (chairman), Mayor John Bennett (treasurer), Jayne Ninnes (deputy mayor), Denis Hollow (deputy chairman), Rev. Richard Selby-Boothroyd, Bill Glanville, Frank Goff, Ray Wyse and Esme Jelbert (secretary and building manager). Thee are more photographs in the Gallery.

The mayor's speech can be read here and John Passmore Edwards's address can be read here.

Updated History of the Hayle Institute

Thanks to the kindness of author Dean Evans, we have reprinted the section of his book relating to our building. Dean has just published and updated biography of John Passmore Edwards entitled "Funding the Ladder- the Passmore Edwards Legacy" and copies are now available for sale. To order click here.

To read the section on Hayle, click here.

Passmore Edwards Centenary
    Our banner announces the free exhibition celebrating Passmore Edwards and the Hayle Institute.  
    Some of the panels on display. These were produced by the Hayle Archive and research and design was done by Susan Barney with support from Harvey's Foundry Trust. The exhibition will continue throughout the summer.  
Historic Furniture Added to Harvey Room

Thanks to a gift from Harvey's Foundry Trust, the Harvey Room now boasts an 'apprentice piece' made by William Hosking - who was born in Ludgvan in 1854.

He was apprenticed as a pattern maker at Harvey's in 1869 and lived in No 1, Mount Pleasant, a house he built himself.

He died in 1928 at the age of 74 and is buried in Phillack Churchyard.

This marvellous piece has some unusual features such as dummy doors on the front and hidden doors inside.

It is appropriate that it has found a home in the Harvey Room. Read more here.

2011 is the Centenary of the death of John Passmore Edwards

John Passmore Edwards was born in Cornwall in 1823. He died on April 22nd, 1911.

Throughout Cornwall and the whole country, the centenary of his death will be observed through exhibitions, talks and events intended to highlight the life of this extraordinary philanthropist. His Times obituary recorded:

He did more good in his time than almost any other of his contemporaries.


In Hayle we will be marking the year with a number of activities. In conjunction with Harvey's Foundry Trust and the Hayle Archive we will be preparing an exhibition which will be displayed at the Passmore Edwards Institute in Hayle. The Old Cornwall Society will be inviting Dean Evans, officer of the Passmore Edwards Society and driving force behind the Centenary, to give a lecture and we will be hosting the Cornwall Family History Society in September where you can research your family history and perhaps throw some light on Passmore Edwards' family tree.

For more information see Passmore Edwards Centenary.

Cornishman, 24 February 2011
    Click here for a larger version.  
Fantastic Grant from the Cooperative Membership Fund

At the end of November we were delighted to receive the offer of a grant of £2,000 from the Cooperative Membership Fund to assist us with completion of the work in the Trevail and Trevithick Rooms. This comes at a great time as we need to cover the cost of a heater in the Trevail Room and complete the refurbishment of the Trevithick Room, especially the window frames that need complete replacement.

This is wonderful news and helps us to keep our plans on track.

    Building Manager, Esme Jelbert, receives the cheque from Sylvia Smith of the Coop Membership Fund watched by trustees Rev Richard Selby-Boothroyd, Ray Wyse and Mayor John Bennett.  
£15,000 Project to Restore Victorian Lantern
    Thanks to a generous grant from the West Cornwall Local Action Group, we have now installed a Victorian-style lantern similar to the one originally installed by the architect Silvanus Trevail in 1896. When the original was destroyed by bad weather several decades ago it was replaced by a lead-covered structure and the natural lighting was lost. The restoration will allow natural light to flood the centre of the building once more.  
    The new lantern above and the old skylight below.  
Outgoing Hayle Pump Team Donates £1,000

The team that had run the Hayle Pump, some since its inception in 1994, has generously donated £1,000 to the Passmore Edwards Institute.

The trustees are extremely grateful for this generous donation which helps us to continue our extensive programme of renovations. Thanks to Goudie Charles, Jeff and Sarah Turk, Joy Scott-Mance, Don Metcalf, Brianna Breeze, Valerie Becalick-Ham and Tim Appleton for helping us in our work.

[A new team has now taken over the Hayle Pump and you can find out more at www.haylepump.org.uk.]

Charity Auction on Saturday, 25 September

Our auction on the 25th September raised over £1,400. This is a lifeline for the Institute because we have been impatient to get work done and have stretched our resources to the limit. On top of the continuous renovations and refurbishment that have now seen every room improved, we also have to buy a heater for the Trevail Room on the ground floor. This will cost nearly £1,000 alone and we cannot fund big expenditures like this out of room hire income alone.
The generous support of the community is also very important to our grant applications where we need to show how much we are backed by the town. This has paid dividends and, in November, we are commencing a £15,000 grant-aided project to restore natural light to the core of the building by installing a Victorian-style ‘lantern’ – just as the architect intended. This all-glass structure was an original feature of the building, but was damaged over 40 years ago by weather. With this major improvement completed, we have only a few more ‘big’ jobs to do and the building will be ready to last through the 21st century.

Thank you to all of you who helped by organising, donating and bidding. A special thanks to Esme for a huge amount of organising and collecting and to our 'resident auctioneer', Harry Blakeley.

Cornishman, 7 October 2010
Passmore Edwards Trowel Now on Display

The trowel used by John Passmore Edwards to lay the foundation stone is now on display at the Hayle Archive.

The trowel is silver and bears the hallmark for Sheffield, Mappin & Webb, 1892.

The Hayle Archive is in Sea Lane and you can find more information at:


For more pictures, click here.

Charity Auction raises almost £2,000

Thanks to the hard work of our building manager, Esme Jelbert, and to amazing community support, we have raised almost £2,000 at the auction on 29 May 2010 towards our ongoing refurbishment of the building . Thanks also to our honorary auctioneer, Harry Blakeley, for dealing with over 300 items in a lively way.

Auction attendees will have seen the major work being undertaken in the Trevail Room at a cost of many thousands of pounds. The trustees think you will like it when the work is finished.

AGM, 26 February 2010

The AGM for the Institute was held at 6:30pm on 26 February 2010 in the Passmore Edwards Room. The Chairman reported on another successful year and you can read the full report here.

The certified accounts can be read here.

The AGM approved a revised constitution for submission to the Charity Commission. The new constitution is based on the Charity Commission's standard model.

ING Hosts Exhibition at the Institute
    The new Denis Hollow Room is proving popular for business exhibitions.  The Institute is centrally placed in Hayle and always attracts a good turnout.  Food and beverages can be supplied so please consider us for your business needs.  
Art Club Donates Collage of Original Paintings

The Institute was delighted to receive a marvellous collage of original art works by members of the Hayle Art Club - longtime users of our rooms.

The collage contains subjects from the local area in a variety of styles and is now proudly displayed in the newly-refurbished Denis Hollow Room.

Foundation Stones Repainted
    It was clearly time to restore the inscriptions on the foundation stones as they were barely readable.  You can see the before and after results below.  
Old foundation stone 1
Foundation stone laid by Passmore Edwards
Old foundation stone 2
Building opened by Mrs Passmore Edwards
    Christmas Fayre on Saturday, December 4.  

Our Christmas Fayre raised over £700 which was quickly spent on paying one of our bills! Thanks to all our supporters for helping us with our fundraiser.

Christmas Bazaar 2008 Raises over £500
    There was lots of fun and plenty of bargains for young and old alike at our pre-Christmas fundraiser.  With over £500 going inot our construction fund, it also helps us to keep the Institute in great shape.  Thanks to organisers and visitors for making this a great success.   
    Father Xmas  
    Bring and buy sale  
18 November 2008. The Cornwall Rural Community Council has awarded us a Village Hall Grant of £2,000 to help us pay for a solid wood floor for the newly refurbished Denis Hollow Room.  We hope to have the grand opening of the room before Christmas.
15 November 2008. Thanks to County Councillor Terry Lello we have received a Member Grant of £1,000 towards our reconstruction efforts.
11 November 2008. Today we received a cheque for £1,000 as further help towards completing the Denis Hollow Room.  The grant was from the Hayle Area Plan Partnership small grants programme and we are extremely grateful for their support.   HAPP logo
    05 October 2008.  The auction was a huge success and we raised over £1,300.  Thank you to those who generously made donations - and to the bidders.  

27 August 2008.  The renovation of the old billiard room, now renamed the Denis Hollow Room in honour of Denis's 60 years of caring for the building, is now under way.  The billiard table has been removed, the covers removed from the windows and we are ready to install a new wooden floor and repair and redecorate the walls.  With luck we will be up and running in a couple of months.  We are grateful to the following organisations for grants to enable us to do this important regeneration work:

  • Co-Operative Membership Fund
  • CRCC Regeneration Fund
  • Hayle Town Council
  • Penwith District Council

14 August 2008.  We are delighted to announce our fundraising auction being spearheaded by Building Manager Esme Jelbert. 

auction poster

    01 August 2008.  Our grant application to the CRCC Regeneration Fund was successful and we received a generous donation of £2,000 towards the refurbishment of the Billiard Room.  Work should start soon as the billiard table has been removed.  

08 July 2008.  The trustees of the Institute were delighted to receive a cheque for £1,000 from the Co-operative Community Fund.  The money will be used to refurbish the ground floor billiard room so that it can be used for meetings, exercise and dancing.  It will provide an additional room with disabled access.

Without the generosity of donors like the Co-op it would be hard to provide this important resource for the community.

co-op fund certificate
    19 May 2008.  The Annual General Meeting of the Passmore Edwards Institute will be held at 6:30 pm on Monday, 19 May, 2008.  All local residents are invited to attend.  
    25 April 2008.  The trustees have authorised the scanning of the original deeds and other interesting historical documents relating to the Institute.  These are now available on line.  Click the Historical Documents link on the left to see more.  
    PEI original deeds  

On 4th December 2007, the Institute received an offer of £34,756.50 from the Hayle Townscape Heritage Initiative towards repair and replacement of the roof.  The Institute will add its own funds to enable the work, which will cost close to £60,000, to proceed.  Repair of the roof will stabilise the building and provide a sound basis for further restoration work.  It will secure the building for the use of the people of Hayle and the surrounding area for another one hundred years.

The Institute will now proceed with a 10-year plan, in 5 phases, with the intention of fully restoring the building to its original state.

We are indebted to: The Heritage Lottery Fund, The European Union and the Objective One Partnership for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, South West of England Regional Development Agency, English Heritage, Penwith District Council, Cornwall County Council, Hayle Town Council and the Guinness Trust Group.


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